Troop 101 - Port Orford
Includes unit profile, history, past events photos, and contacts.

Troop 124 - Beaverton
Includes program information, forms, contacts, history, and links.

Troop 179 - Springfield
Contains calendar, history, membership profile, service projects, camp information, and leadership contacts.

Troop 2 - Corvallis
Includes program information, photos, camp information, calendar, history, and contacts.

Troop 386 - Hood River
Includes meeting times and location, program information, and contacts.

Troop 41 - Portland
Contains forms, calendar, events, and contacts.

Troop 419 - Tigard
Includes program information, meeting location, events calendar, photos, contacts, and links.

Troop 432 - Lake Oswego
Includes newsletter, photos, links, and contacts.

Troop 530 - Tualatin
Includes roster, calendar, newsletter, contacts, and links.

Troop 581 - Banks, Forest Grove, North Plains
Offers general unit information and resource links.

Troop 618 - Beaverton
Includes program information, patrol notes, planning calendar, events, and leadership contacts.

Troop 728 - Portland
Includes program information, photos, events calendar, and contacts.

Troop 737 - Independence
Includes program information, meeting times and location, and leadership contacts.

Troop 870 - Beaverton
Includes forms, calendar, meeting and program information, events, photo galleries, and contacts.

Troop 872 - Beaverton
Contains event information, calendar, newsletter and contacts.