Angels Around Us
A weblog that publishes quotes specifically related to angels.

Christian Quote of the Day
Features encouraging Christian quotes, specifically for those who are going through tough times.

Christian Quotes
A large collection of quotes from various Christian writers, church fathers and others.

Christian Quotes
Includes a variety of inspirational sayings by theologians, pastors, preachers, and other notable Christians.

Christian Quotes
Provides a daily Christian quote and picture along with a theme.

Christian Quotes
A compilation of Christian quotes that are presented on pictures.

Christian Wisdom
Quotes from prominent Christians as well as key Biblical verses, categorized and searchable. Daily inspirational quote and picture.

Daily Christian Quote
Quotes from a variety of Christian scholars, authors and mystics. Available via daily email, with archives.

Daily Devotional Guide
A daily devotional with commentary from The Upper Room magazine.

Deeper Christian Quotes
Contains Christian quotes that are meant to exhort individuals to explore the teachings of Jesus Christ.

Publishes quotes and excerpts that refer to the gospels.

A database of short Christian quotes, bible verses, and book excerpts.

Inspirational Bible Verses
A collection of inspirational Bible verses and quotes.

Quiet Times with God
Bible verses, inspirational messages and occasional commentary.

Saint Quote of the Day
Daily quotations from saints of the Roman Catholic Church.

Saints' Quotes
Shows a single quotation from the saints of Christian history. Can be refreshed for a new quote.

Sayings for Church Signs
Provides thought-provoking and inspiring messages.

The Quotations page
Quotations on various subjects pertaining to Christianity, including life, religion, faith, doubt, love, and forgiveness.

This Day's Thought
Daily Christian quotes and Bible verses offering encouragement and inspiration.

Thought for Today
Presents a daily quote from the bible with the option to place the quotation on your own website using their widget.

Waking Word
Daily inspirational Bible verses sent directly to your cell phone.

Why Jesus?
A collection of comments made by non-Christians and Christians about Jesus on subjects like politics, philosophy and religion.