British Pest Control Association
UK trade association representing all those professionally involved with the eradication of public health and nuisance pests.

Providers of non-toxic rat and mouse pest control products.

Suppliers of flyscreen doors and windows.

Jones and Son
Offer bird pest and pigeon control products preventing pigeons from landing. Catalogue and contact details.

NBC Bird and Pest Solutions
Offers pest control services which include bird scaring, bird proofing, specialist cleaning, pest prevention, wildlife management, and odour and dust control.

A selection of pest control solutions that deter, trap or kill a range of pests. Product details and online purchasing.

Picas UK Ltd
Independent company providing advice on all aspects of non-lethal bird control, specialising in the holistic control of pigeons.

Wasp Removal UK
Database and contact point for locating specialist wasps' nests destroyers. U.K. wide service with information on wasps and hornets.