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Ara City Radio
Broadcasting in English from 06:00 to 14:00. Information about the station and DJs.

00 Agent Web Page
Pictures and information about James Bond and the rest of the 00 Agents.

Mean Sea Level Pressure Maps for Australia and New Zealand
Produced every day at 00:00 UTC (12:00 NZST) by the Centre for Ocean-Land-Atmosphere Studies.

The Original LFS League
A League that takes place every week from 16:00 - 22:00 GMT on Sunday.

John and Ken Show
Conservative political commentators on AM 640 KFI from 3:00 PM - 7:00 PM.

Boognish Bar-B-Que....
Ween pictures from Stubb's, Austin, TX 7-7-00 and 7-8-00.

Japan Meteorological Agency: Shizuoka
One-week forecast for the prefecture is issued at 11:00 and 17:00 JST every day.

Larry Elder - The Sage from South Central
Libertarian political commentator on AM 790 KABC from 9:00 AM - 12:00 Noon.

Virginia City Lodge No. 1 - Virginia City
Meets on the 3rd Thursday, March, April, May, 7:00 PM; June, July, August, 1:00 PM; and September, October, November, 7:00 PM. Photo and history.

Phelps Masonic Lodge No. 482 - Farmers
Meets on the 1st Saturday, 7:00 PM; refreshments at 6:00 PM. Events, photos and links.

Solomon Masonic Lodge No. 271 - Springfield
Meets on the 2nd Monday, 7:00 PM; dinner at 6:00 PM. FAQ, news and links.

University Masonic Lodge No. 683 - Springfield
Meets on the 3rd Friday, 7:00 PM; dinner at 6:00 PM. Officers, events and links.

Chesterfield Masonic Lodge No. 161 - Richmond
Meets on the 1st Thursday, 7:00 PM; dinner at 6:00 PM. Photo, officers and contact information.

Workshop on Practical Aspects of Declarative Languages

Acacia Masonic Lodge No. 94 - Columbia
Meets on the 1st Thursday, 8:00 PM; dinner at 7:00 PM. Officers, history, calendar, and links.

DHAMAKA Indian Radio
Indian music in Dallas/Fort Worth, TX from Bollywood - Saturdays from 2:00 - 4:00 PM on KDMM-1150 AM.

Long Beach Masonic Lodge No. 327 - Long Beach
Meets on the 1st Thursday, 8:00 PM; dinner at 7:00 PM. Officers, trestleboard, and photos.

Winchester Masonic Lodge No. 56 - Winchester
Meets on the 1st Monday, 7:00 PM; dinner at 6:00 PM. Directions, officers, events, photos and petition.

Mt. Olive Masonic Lodge No. 439 - Rogersville
Meets on the 3rd Monday, 7:00 PM; dinner at 6:00 PM. Officers, events, map, and links.

Daylight Masonic Lodge No. 542
Meets on the 1st and 3rd Saturdays, 8:00 AM; breakfast at 7:00 AM. Officers, events, FAQs, and links. Tulsa.

Roger Williams Masonic Lodge No. 32 - Cumberland
Meets on the 2nd Saturday, 6:00 PM; dinner at 5:00 PM. Photos, calendar, petition and links.

Bartlett Masonic Lodge No. 211 - Bartlett
Meets on the 1st Thursday, 7:00 PM; meal at 6:00 PM. Calendar, news, officers, history and links.

Damascus Masonic Lodge No. 290 - Milwaukee
Meets on the 2nd Tuesday, 7:00 PM; dinner at 6:00 PM. History, news, officers, calendar, and photos.

Mountain Creek Masonic Lodge No. 511
Meets on the 2nd Saturday, 8:00 AM; meal at 7:00 AM. News, officers, history, contact and links.

Valley Hi Masonic Lodge No. 1407
Meets on the 2nd Tuesday, 7:00 PM; meal at 6:00 PM. Location, history, photos trestleboard, and links.

Ed Dorn
Poem by Amiri Baraka of 1/15/00.

Digital Village Radio
Airs on FM 90.7 KPFK, Saturdays 10:00 to 11:00 AM. Program about computers and the Internet, with a focus on the cultural impact of these technologies.

Standing Room Only
A radio show on KSPI-FM in Stillwater, Oklahoma, spotlighting local bands from 7:00 to 8:00 pm, Sundays. Hosted by Josh Evans.

Richmond Masonic Lodge No. 412 - Hephzibah
Meets on the 3rd Monday, 8:00 PM; dinner at 7:00 PM. History, officers, newsletter, guest book and links.

John L. DeGrazier Masonic Lodge No. 1349
Meets on the 2nd Tuesday, 7:00 PM; dinner at 6:00 PM. History, calendar, officers, newsletter and contacts.

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