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Avoiding the Perils of C++0x Data Races
Find out what dangers race conditions in general and C++0x data races in particular pose to concurrent code, as well as the strategies for avoiding them.

A Brief Look at C++0x
Offers a sneak peek at the next version of standard C++. It briefly outlines the guiding principles of the work on C++0x, presents a few examples of likely language extensions, and lists some proposed new standard libraries.

The Removal of Concepts From C++0x
Discusses three questions related to the removal of concepts: what led to the failure of Concepts, how will the removal of Concepts affect C++0x, and will Concepts make a comeback in the near future?

just::thread C++ Standard Thread Library
Provides a complete implementation of the C++0x thread library.

The Design of C++0x
Bjarne Stroustrup provides insights on what will likely be added or changed in the upcoming version of the C++ standard.

C++0x Feature Support in GCC 4.5
This article focuses on a subset of several C++0x features that GCC version 4.5 supports, including static assertions, initializer lists, type narrowing, newer semantics of the auto keyword, lambda functions, and variadic templates.

Toward a Standard C++0x Library, Part 1
This article appeared in C/C++ Users Journal, 20(1).

An Interview with Bjarne Stroustrup
C++ creator Bjarne Stroustrup discusses the evolving C++0x standard, the education of programmers, and the future of programming.

A cross platform, minimal threading library for C++ which implements a fairly compatible subset of the C++0x standard thread library.

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Simpler Multithreading in C++0x
The new standard will support multithreading, with a new thread library. This article explains how this will improve porting code, and reduce the number of APIs and syntaxes used.

An Introduction to Variadic Templates in C++0x
Introduces the syntax for declaring and using variadic templates, along with some simple examples of variadic function templates and variadic class templates.

Easier C++: An Introduction to Concepts
C++0x concepts bring the full power of the Generic Programming paradigm to C++, making templates more expressive, easier to write, and easier to use. Spectacularly poor template error messages are a thing of the past!

C++ in 2005
This extended foreword presents a perspective on "The Design and Evolution of C++" and on C++ itself. In particular, it reflects on the use of C++ over the last decade and presents plausible directions for the next revision of the ISO C++ standard, C++0x. (Bjarne Stroustrup)

The C++0x "Remove Concepts" Decision
This note explains the reasons for the removal of "concepts," briefly outlines the controversy and fears that caused the committee to decide the way it did, gives references for people who would like to explore "concepts," and points out that (despite enthusiastic rumors to the contrary) "the sky is not falling" on C++.

Rvalue References: C++0x Features in VC10, Part 2
Talks about rvalue references, which enable two different things: move semantics and perfect forwarding. They're initially very confusing because they distinguish lvalues from rvalues, which very few C++98/03 programmers are extensively familiar with.